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Ulrich’s Other Name


Probably like many writers, we’ve had more than one name change as we were developing the series. (Did you read, Onyx’s Other Last Name?) For the longest time, Ulrich’s first name was Hans. Hans is a pretty common German name that we thought suited him perfectly. However, because we wanted to bring in Onyx’s painting […]


Compelling, Era-Spanning, Paranormal Fun


Compelling, Era-Spanning, Paranormal Fun By: RDD on Jun 09, 2015 In Onyx Webb, Book #1, Episodes 1-2-3, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz have created the beginning of a decades-spanning story of interconnected families as they experience the supernatural and handle what life throws at them. This volume introduces a whole host of characters, among them […]

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Superbly Demented Paranormal Suspense


A huge thanks to the fabulous Jeanette over at Horror Made for reading and reviewing Onyx Webb. We sure love being called superbly demented and also ‘dizzying’ and ‘stunning.’ Read the entire review here: If you have NOT read and reviewed Book One, please go grab your copy today! And thanks for reading and sharing […]