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3 Things We Could Not Write Without

ow-3thingswecantwritewoAfter writing almost eight fiction books and several non-fiction there are three things we have come to rely on and here they are…

Back Ups.
We both use an online back-up system called Carbonite. Backing up our material is absolutely critical. We have no time or desire to deal with a rogue virus or a computer crash and lose everything. So we have peace of mind that it’s all in the cloud. Not only that, one time Richard accidentally deleted a scene and we were able to go back and find an earlier version of the file from the day before and get the scene back. Hard to put a price on that.

Oh that’s obvious you’re thinking. If you’ve ever owned a “bad” laptop you know stressful it is to work on. We’ve both owned “bad” laptops and “good” laptops. It’s super demotivating to work on a slow or difficult to use computer and lose a thought or sentence because of a technology problem. So yes we’re spoiled and lucky that we can upgrade every few years and make sure we are happy with our “good” laptop computers. And laptop part is important too. We have to be ready to write anywhere!

We have a ridiculous selection of music playing equipment in our office. First, we have our Sonos surround sound system that will play our ipod library plus apps like Pandora. We also have an Echo speaker from Amazon which will play anything on in Amazon Prime Music or in our library. And then finally we have the computer and a wireless Bose speaker in case Richard wants to play songs directly from Youtube. Music is not just a “nice to have” it’s a must have for us when we work.

Oops. Can’t forget the coffee. So, techinically it’s 4 things. When you wake up at 2 am to start writing, coffee is a must have. We have a great little Keurig coffee machine ($99 at Target!) to make individual cups all day long and couldn’t write without it.

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