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7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Authors of Onyx Webb

usatmobmuseumIn case you love the series and you want to know more about us beyond the standard bio… here are 7 things you won’t find most anywhere else. (By the way, this picture is at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas! It was perfect timing as it was bacck when we were writing the Declan, Tommy, and Sal Tombo mob scenes)  So here we go. We…

1… had an agent in Hollywood (he was the producer of the famous movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) for a female-driven thriller script called, Dear Libby. (Probably should turn it into a book!)

2… tried to visit Stonehenge… twice. The first time we didn’t make the trek because we both had colds and the weather was freezing. The next time we were in England, Richard got a horrible stomach virus (from eating raw oysters) and we were actually riding the tour bus on our way there. We were able to get off the bus (literally, just in time. Won’t share more here.) Hoping to get back to the U.K. and try again a 3rd time.

3… have a cat named Courage.

4… lived in 3 of the four “corners” of the US: Los Angeles/San Diego, Portland/Vancouver Washington, and Florida.

5… have taken two road trips around the United States that were so long, the combined total mileage was about 20,000 miles. Richard drove about 19,000 of those miles. We were both pulled over in California. Andrea got out of her ticket. Richard did not.

6… are the complete opposites when it comes to weather – Andrea loves the heat, Richard loves it cold.

7… like visiting movie locations having been to the Goonies House in Astoria Oregon, the Field of Dreams cornfield in Iowa, Mystic Pizza in Mystic Connecticut, and Seaside, Florida the setting for The Truman Show, and of course, Universal Studios.

So… do we have anything in common with you?

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