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A Great Movie for Writers

ow-moviesforwritersThere are a lot of movies that inspire writers. Our pick was actually #2 on an IMDB Top 25 Movies About Writers and Writing.  The movie is called Wonder Boys. It is a quirky, feel-good, character-driven, love of writing type of movie and based on the novel by the brilliant Michael Chabon. It was released in 2000 and we have since probably watched in whole and in part, 20+ times.

One of our favorite scenes (mini-spoiler alert) is when Michael Douglas loses his ridiculous 2000-page typewriter typed manuscript that he’d been working on for years as a follow up to his first, mega-successful book. Anyway, the manuscript pages go flying out of a car into the nearby river (an epic scene!) and his agent (Robert Downey Jr.) turns to him and calmly says, “Naturally you have copies…?” and Michael Douglas replies simply, “I have an alternate version of the first chapter.”

It’s a wonderful movie. We highly recommend it.

And is why one of the three things we must have as writers is a back up system.

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