In March 2015, we published the first of ten Onyx Webb books. As you may have noticed we are  NOT published by any of the major publishing houses. We’ve been writing and publishing ourselves for years so that was no issue for us. However, getting the word out about a fictional series is an uphill battle. (That is us putting it gently.)  The good news is we are patient. That said, we could really use your help.

We’re looking for 100 people who’d like to be part of a special reader/reviewer group. Some authors call this a ‘street team.’ For us, it’s people who we can trust to help us make this unique series an unparalleled success.

And, yes, there will be some very ‘cool gifts and rewards’ for the people we pick to help us.  And, to be direct, there will be some things we’ll need from you, too.  So, before we go any further, we need to ask:

Do you enjoy creepy, horrific, paranormal. supernatural thrillers? Are you the type of person we can count on to respond to periodic emails in a timely manner?  Assuming you love the series as much as we know you will, are you willing to write online reviews (, Goodreads, for example) and recommend the series to others?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the above, go no further. We simply can’t afford for ANY of the 100 spots to go to people who don’t like this kind of series and/or can’t help us out in these ways.

Being a member of the group comes with special gifts and surprises, 50% off ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE we offer in our Webb-Store for LIFE and last but not least, we’ll love and appreciate you for the rest of our lives (and our after-lives, too!)

So, is this you?  Want to be part of something really cool?
If so, apply here.

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If chosen to be an Onyx Webb 100 Advisory Board Member would you be willing to commit to:
1) READING approximately 100 pages of book content per month?
2) RESPONDING to requests for feedback from us within 7-10 days?
3) RECOMMENDING the book via email, social media and online (Amazon) reviews?

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What are your 3-5 favorite story genres from the options below (no more than 5 choices, please):
 Action/Adventure Horror Westerns Historical/Real Person Fiction Inspirational Supernatural/Ghost Science Fiction/Fantasy Serial Killer/Cop Drama Mystery Romance

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