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Authors on the Run

What do two married authors do when they finish a ten book series?

We hit the road. After selling and donating all of our furniture and saving enough stuff (a girl can’t get rid of her favorite Pampered Chef pans!) in a 5 by 10 storage locker, we are off on a working vacation in the mountains of Virginia. Just us, laptops, some clothing, and our cat, Courage.

What’s the work?

We are working on our speaking, business book writing and publishing business and dreaming about the future of Onyx. (Note: For those of you reading in 2017 you are one of the special ones! The early readers. We still have so much work to do to get truly discovered!)

What’s the fun?

Lots of relaxation, watching the deer, playing mini-golf and getting away to civil war era haunted inns for a night here and there.

Is there a future for the Onyx Webb books?

In our minds, yes. When exactly we will have more to share is up in the air. The last three years required an enormous amount of time, energy, and money and though we don’t have traditional jobs, we have to focus some more on our traditional business. And as many of you know, Onyx Webb will be getting a serious facelift (sorry, Onyx no insult meant!) in 2018 and we hope that will ignite the sales and allow us to see where we can take the story next.

Do we have any ideas?

Are you kidding?

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  1. So proud to be a 2017 reader! 🙂
    Wishing you guys all the best…I would love to start writing but don’t even know how/where to start!

  2. Onyx Webb the Love stories; 3 stories in each book,suggestions;Jofranka & Catfish,Minkas parents-Onyx & the mysterious man,Claudia & Ulrich,Gerylyn & Raymond,Kodas parents. ETC,,,,

  3. You guys have fun and maybe get some much deserved rest. Looking forward to what the future has in store for you both and Onyx Webb. I know it will be awesome because you both are. Thank you for creating a legend in Onyx Webb!

  4. I got tangled in Onyx’s Webb, I devoured books 1-9 when I found them, you two are amazing writers, the Storyline drags you in and keeps you there, I lost 24 hours straight reading the books (speed reader). I couldn’t put them down! Now I have to read them all again to fully appreciate book ten. I cannot wait to be sucked back into the world of Onyx.

    I hope the spelling mistakes in the downloads have been fixed, weirdly they glare out at me from the page and disrupt the flow. (Sorry to criticise, I understand when yous are in the zone yous just create this amazing interwoven tale)

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