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Authors Require This Reader

OnyxWebb-BookTourLogoDuring our first book for Book One, we stopped at Solafide Publishing, where we discussed some of our book marketing and promotional ideas. What we have learned so far is that often what works in book marketing in the non-fiction world does not always translate into the fiction world.

Except for this one fact which can best be explained by asking this question… how do you usually discover or decide to read a new book?

There are a variety of answers: reading a review, seeing an ad online or in a magazine or newspaper, having it suggested via Amazon or Goodreads, or – and this is the biggest one – because it was recommended to you by someone whose opinion you value.

That’s it. This is the way your book will get read more than any other and we know this from experience.

Our business fable, Go for No! has sold over 300,000 copies not through ads, book promotions, or thanks to Amazon… although they have been wildly helpful. But the reason our book has done so well is simply because it gets recommended and suggested by influential and successful people whose opinion is valued by others.

And that is our challenge now with Onyx Webb and the challenge for every single author writing today.

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