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Authors with Arachnophobia Put Spiders on Their Book Cover

bigstock-spider-and-web-vector-37047787When I was in high school, I took Advanced Creative Writing and for the short story assignment, wrote a comical tale about a girl who was terrified of spiders. Upon finding one in the bathtub, she washed him down the drain. Later, she was confronted by the spider’s gang leader, Sid, who told the girl that if she performed a funeral for the spider she had washed down the tub (the whole spider gang would attend) they would leave her alone forever. She arranges a lovely service for the spider she killed, and in the process gets to know Sid and the spider gang realizing she doesn’t need to fear and hate spiders so much. While not Pulitzer worthy, it was a story of forgiveness and redemption.

Later, for a writing course in college, I wrote a story based on an urban myth that I had read or heard about. Basically, a couple buys a large cactus for their home and places it in thier livingroom. Unbeknowst to them, it is stuffed full of spiders and later explodes inside thier house. The story was pretty horrific and probably says more about my mindset at the time than anything else.

The point is, I have feared spiders for as long as I can remember. I have asked strangers to come into my apartment and into hotel rooms to kill them. The embarrassment pales in comparison to having to deal with the spider myself.

With all that said, my husband and writing partner Richard is no better. At all. He fears and hates spiders probably as much as me.

So it would be ironic that our Onyx Webb book series has a skull on the cover constructed by a bunch of creepy black spiders. But as soon as we saw the image, we fell in love.

And that’s you know how dedicated we are to our art.

Actually, as long as they are in our computer or in print, we seem to be fine. And as it turns out, when you give your main character the last name, Webb, the spider theme makes a lot of sense.

So, in the end perhaps our fears of spiders have subsided just a bit. And to the extent that they haven’t, hopefully somewhere, Sid and the gang can forgive us.

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