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  1. I would absolutely love to win the first three books!! I am a 100% crazy in love with the Onyx Webb Series fan. I try to share any and all posts on FaceBook to spread the word about this amazing, creepy, mind twisting, who done it and who belongs to whom series.
    Thank you Andrea and Richard!!

  2. Best series I’ve read lately. Waiting impatiently for the next installment. I’m trying to purge some of my many books but can’t. I would give Onyx a special space if I win this contest.

  3. Love the series. I have brought several other into the twisted world of Onyx Webb. Would love to have the whole set of books. Oh… and a Hoodie sweatshirt if and when they become available.

  4. I have not,yet, because my daughter is hoarding the one I have. She also basically spoiled the whole book because she is so excited over these books. She even moved her favorite series down a shelf to make sure that I got the hint.

  5. The limitless imagination of the writers resulting in the intricate web of plot lines is what makes Onyx is unique among all books I’ve read.

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    Really wanting to win and read this set of books. I am a great fan of paranormal books. Thanks for the giveaway.

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