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Indie Equals Opportunity to Create

ow-nvpquote21998 was when we published our very first book. It was the greatest, most exciting experience and we did it entirely ourselves.

Oh, we thought about trying to become “traditionally published” but we were too eager to actually have the book in our hands. Our goal was to write a great book and then to leverage that book. As professional speakers and trainers back then (yes it was dial-up internet and dinosaurs were roaming the planet) we knew that nothing would give us the credibility we were looking for more than a book.

We were fairly successful directly marketing our books to the business audiences that were interested in them. However when came along, everything changed for us.

We got our main title, ‘Go for No!’ on Amazon in 2007 and then in KDP and later on Audible. It’s probably been the single greatest win for our business. We are able to reach readers around the world that we never could on our own. And do it still having all the control over our work.

After doing so well with our business titles exclusively on Amazon, and understanding the process, we have been able to have the opportunity to pursue a passion and create a ten book paranormal suspense series called Onyx Webb. (The website of which you are reading this.)

We have nothing against the big publishing houses but for us, being #poweredbyindie authors… being indie has provided opportunity to create anything and everything we want and we would not have it any other way.

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