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Locations, Locations, Locations

You can’t have an intricate web without a lot of characters and locations. As our loyal readers know, there is no shortage of that in Onyx Webb. We have spent countless hours researching historical events as well as locations and have physically been almost everywhere we’ve ever referenced in any Onyx Webb book.

We’ve spent a great deal of time in Savannah, GA and Charleston SC which are major locations for our Mulvaney family and other characters. We live in Orlando which is where the Mulvaney’s have their main offices.

We spent a few days at Lily Dale, NY a spiritualist community featured in Books One and Two. We’ve visited the entire Oregon coast many times not only because we used to live in the Pacific Northwest but we took a special trip to see the Heceta Head lighthouse which inspired the fictional one in our series. The town of Crimson Cove where the lighthouse is located in our series is totally fictional.

We’ve taken two driving trips around the country that together add up to driving well over 20,000 miles. (One was 12,000 miles in 47 days and the other was about 8,000 in 30!) Can you see now how we had Onyx and Ulrich running around the country?

The only places we have not been are a couple of the hotels in Europe that Koda Mulvaney travels to on a ‘party binge’ in an early book (on the bucket list!), the cemetery in Greece where he and Declan talk, and a few nooks and crannies here and there in the St. Louis/DeSoto Missouri areas where we have Declan Mulvaney’s early life and our fictional Open Arms Orphanage.

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