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More T.V. Series Influencing Onyx Webb

As we said in the first post on this topic, what influences our writing today as much as books are all these amazing t.v. series that have been released over the past few years. Here are two more…

American Horror Story: When we watched Season One, Murder House we were so inspired by its cutting edge brilliance and it gave us courage to continue with our idea of writing three (sometimes four) interweaving storylines. We also loved the series because of the ghosts who were just like the living and that is one of the fundamental pieces to Onyx Webb. A ghost that operates on the living plane. The AHS creators are who we dedicated Book One to.

The Americans: This is such a fast moving series and the story lines are fantastic. We find inspiration here to keep our stories moving quickly. By doing so it gives the story that ‘thriller’ feel. We don’t dwell anywhere for very long. We could spend pages and pages describing the lighthouse on Crimson Cove or the basement of the Child Snatcher of St. Louis… but instead we just let the readers paint all that themselves. Our rule for writing scenes something we learned writing movie scripts: come in late and leave early.

As we said, there are so many more (Bloodline, Dexter, Stranger Things, Broadchurch, Fallen) but these are just a few.  We love that people feel like they could see Onyx Webb as a t.v. series, who knows… maybe someday!

Thank you for visiting us! Your comments are always read and appreciated. If you have NOT read and reviewed Book One, please go grab your copy today! – AW 

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