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Onyx’s Other Last Name

OW-TRIVIA-CATEGORY-IMAGEThis post goes into the ‘fun facts’ about the history of Onyx Webb file!

Before we came up with Onyx’s last name of Webb she and Catfish were going to be from the Dupree family of Louisiana – or technically, Dupré. Keep in mind, this goes back to conversations in 2013 and the first story lines that we were developing.

Also at that time, we were playing around with the title, ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ which was going to be followed up with something like, ‘The Girl Returns’… etc. It was only after we came up with Onyx Webb and developed her story line that we knew the entire series simply had to be called, ‘Onyx Webb’ and that we wanted people to reference reading ‘Onyx Webb’ kind of like someone says, ‘Are you reading Harry Potter?’

That said, we also loved the name Webb. When we stumbled on it, after poring over lists of last names online it was instantaneous once we found it. We realized that what we were creating was a web and that we could build on that and it was perfect for her. The rest is history!

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