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Paranormal Author Does Not Believe…

white ghost of a woman walking down the street of the old town ** Note: Shallow depth of field

There are no witches, vampires, fairies, shifters or zombies in our series. There are a lot of ghosts. A lot.

So, it’s no surprise that occasionally we get asked if we believe in ghosts. To that extent, we are like the paranormal ghost “hunting” t.v. show team Cryer and Fudge in our series… one of us believes and one doesn’t.

Can you guess which one of us is which? Well, I will give it away. Despite the fact that Richard is the non-believer of the two of us, it doesn’t stop him from doing tons of research about the paranormal or touring well-known haunted spots with me.

In fact, he loves it.  And yet after every creepy, interesting, or shocking story I ask, “So have you changed your mind yet?”

Nope not yet.

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