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Reader of the Week: Barbara

ow-barbaraThis is our ongoing reader of the week post here each Friday.

Meet Barbara!

Barbara lives in Yonkers, NY. She loves to cook and to get take-out. (We are admitted foodies… Richard made up most of the wild food ‘creations’ for the Restoring Savannah Foundation dinner.) Barbara describes herself as an average reader, a couple books a month. Her favorite character is Koda Mulvaney and she loves to hate Ulrich. She refused to answer which book is her favorite and when we asked what she likes most about the series she said, “can’t answer this in one sentence, I could/would write a book.” Which is very flattering. We need all the flattery we can get and Barbara has done a very good job for us in that department. Her fun/unusual fact is that she’s been married three times and if she could choose any super power she would pick being able to predict the future!

Thank you for visiting us! Your comments are always read and appreciated. If you have NOT read and reviewed Book One, please go grab your copy today! – AW 

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