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Reader of the Week: Candace


It’s Friday and that means time for The Reader of the Week!

Meet Candace!

Candace keeps herself busy being a Mom, a pet-owner, and is also a blogger and currently lives in Western New York. She is also an Amazon shopper and netflix binge-watcher (like many of us!)  She describes herself as being an ‘average’ reader, reading a couple books a month. Candace’s favorite Onyx Webb book is Book Three (which is high up there for me too.) Her favorite character is Stan Lee and she most loves to hate Ulrich. She also says the best part of the series is that, “I never see the surprise twists coming.” Her interesting fact is that all of her fingers are double jointed and she can twist them in really nauseating ways. (Maybe a good trait for an OW character??) If she could choose any super power she would pick, healing.

Give Candace a visit at her blog and follow her on the social media platform of your choice from there! (She’s got a great Instagram!)

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