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Reader of the Week: Galina

OW-GalinaThis is our ongoing reader of the week post (here most Fridays as long as we’re not on some ridiculous writing deadline.)

Meet Galina!

Onyx Webb continues to grow internationally! Galina lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She loves to cook – she’s a parent, pet owner and also speaks more than one language. She refuses to choose which book is her favorite but does say her favorite character is Declan and she most loves to hate Ulrich. Galina describes her reading habit as voracious bordering on problematic. She also says the best part of the series is “lots of captivating life/death intertwined stories.” Her fun fact is that she says, “most of her dreams come true.” So we were hoping that Galina starts dreaming about Onyx Webb being made into a series on HBO!!

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