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Reader of the Week: James

OW-JamesThis is our ongoing reader of the week post (here most Fridays as long as we’re not on some ridiculous writing deadline.)

Meet James!

As you might guess, James is a guy. This is not his most interesting fact but it is kind of nice because many of our readers are women so it’s great to have a guy’s perspective. We always enjoy reading James’ detailed reviews. James’ favorite character is Stan Lee (who we all know is getting crazier by the day) and he most loves to hate Mika. James says the best part of the series is “the plot convolutions.” A man after our own heart, James loves to binge watch on Netflix, is a voracious reader as well, speaks more than one language, and loves to cook. If we ever have an Onyx Webb pot luck, we need James to make his great carne asada burritos – one of the many interesting things about him. Oh and his chosen super power would be to predict the future!

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