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Reader of the Week: Lena May

ow-lenamay2It’s time for the Reader of the Week post.

Meet Lena May!

Lena May has a beautiful book blog at Lena May Books and here’s a little more about her: She lives in Washington State (very close to where we used to live) and her reading style is voracious bordering on problematic. Her favorite character is Newt! (Note: She’ll be happy with Book Seven.) She most loves to hate Stan Lee. She refuses to answer which book is her favorite and says she loves seeing “how the stories unfold, showing us how each character became who they are and how they are connected to each other.” Lena’s unusual/odd personal fact is that she’s told she’s “a walking contradiction” being a “tattooed, redneck, lesbian, Christian.” And she can add happy OW100 member! When asked what one super power she’d choose, it was healing.

Give Lena May a visit at her blog and follow her on the social media platform of your choice from there!

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