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Reader of the Week: Leslie

ow-leslieThis is our ongoing Onyx Webb Reader of the Week post.

Meet Leslie!

Leslie lives in the beautiful town of San Diego. We seem to say this a lot but we used to live near there, in Oceanside, California. (And no we are not being chased by the FBI.)  We have a lot more in common with Leslie as she is a pet owner, amazon shopper and a netflix binge-watcher. Her favorite character is Onyx Webb and she most loves to hate Stan Lee. She’s a voracious reader and refuses to choose a favorite book in the series saying she enjoys it because it’s an “intentional guilty pleasure.” Leslie’s fun fact isn’t so fun although I will say this, Richard can relate… she has not “slept a full night or awakened refreshed from sleep in more than 20 years.” That said, if she could choose any super power she would pick super x-ray/night vision.

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