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Reader of the Week: Lisa


It’s that time, our ongoing Friday post, Reader of the Week.

Meet Lisa!

Lisa is from Beattyville KY and she is a voracious bordering on problematic reader. She is a blogger at a very cool blog called Lisa’s Writopia. The thing Lisa does in her blog which is fun is she shares her favorite sentences from the book she’s reviewed (like this one from Book Three: Laying there in the room, Onyx wasn’t sure which hurt most—the burns or the truth.) She also shares any new words learned from each book. Lisa refuses to choose which book in the series is her favorite, however her favorite character is Onyx and she most loves to hate Ulrich. A parent and a pet owner, Lisa says the best part of the series is that “there is history, horror, thrills, romance, supernatural, and detective fiction.” We did go multi-genre did we not? Lisa’s amazing fact is that in 1992, she was paralyzed for a short time and never expected to recover, but then walked out of the hospital on her own! Like a few other readers, if Lisa could choose any super power she would pick, healing.

Give Lisa a visit at her blog and follow her on the social media platform of your choice from there!

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