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The End is Near

OW-HEAIGmemeThe end of Onyx Webb as we have known it, is near. And we admit to freaking out just a bit. In March of 2015 we published Book One. That was after we worked on the first three episodes (releasing Episode One on its own Halloween, 2014) for the previous 18 months give or take. So, this has been almost a five year journey for us.

Getting to the end of the series has been emotional. Weeks ago, Richard was stalling and organizing scene order, then reorganizing scene order. I said, “maybe you just don’t want it to end…?” A couple days later I had actual pages to read.

Now, we still have a major work ahead of us: find people who would love reading Onyx Webb. We know they are out there, but it is a job in and of itself and we’ve been so busy producing the series, there has been little time to “market” it.

So while your reading journey is coming to an end soon, our journey to bring Onyx Webb to life is only beginning…

Thank you for visiting us! Your comments are always read and appreciated. If you have NOT read and reviewed Book One, please go grab your copy today!  Have you become an Onyx Webb fan? Sign up here. – AW

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  1. Thank-you, Andrea and Richard, for enabling Onyx Webb to lead us on so many adventures, emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically, to name a few. From the very beginning of the story in St. Louis to all the other fascinating locales, you have allowed your characters to surprise us by intertwining in unimaginable ways that simply delight us readers. We are hopefully anticipating adequate comeuppance for some characters and everlasting love for others in the conclusion. Satisfactory ending with a mysterious twist perhaps? Remember, you raised the bar very high so we are hungry for more exquisite storytelling.

    I have traveled since December 2016 on my own “Onxy Webb Excursion” from Oregon to St. Louis and most points in between. Every Onyx locale I have visited, I delight in telling people the virtues of this fascinating series. In addition, it’s been great fun to discuss your story on social media. I cannot thank-you enough for tickling my imagination. Your fan for life!

    • Andrea Waltz says: May 25, 2017 at 12:50 pm

      Thank you so much April, for your super kind comments. We love how you have brought Onyx to “life” in your travels!! So cool!

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