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The Most Cliché Paranormal Character Ever And Why We Used It

OW-FunnyLighthouseThe first question you might be asking is, what is the most cliché paranormal character ever?

We did not do a scientific study or a poll (which would be fun) but we figured that having a ghost who lives in a lighthouse has got to be waaaaay up there, right? And that is in fact, what we did with our central character, Onyx Webb. She is a ghost who lives in a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast outside the town of Crimson Cove.

The next question is, why would we do something so clichéd in this day and age when stories must be new and fresh?

Two Reasons…

One, we wanted to. We actually love lighthouses. We lived in the Pacific Northwest and loved visiting a few of the lighthouses along the Washington and Oregon coasts. So, cliche be damned, Onyx was going to live there. The good news is, there is a lot of story that is told ‘pre-lighthouse’ and in fact, it is Onyx’s husband Ulrich who is the one that has them there in the first place. And, that does not even happen until Book Two when he bludgeons the old lighthouse keeper.

Two, lighthouses are creepy and this is a creepy story. Cliches are usually cliches for a reason: they work. They make sense. They are comfortable. So sure it was better to have Onyx in a lighthouse rather than in a house in the suburbs. But the good news is, our story is weird enough, wild enough, and spooky enough that using such a grand cliché still works because for the most part, we avoid the rest of cliches of the paranormal world… well we try to anyway. Onyx might also be getting a black cat soon.

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