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The Opposite of Writer’s Block

OW-BricksWe have the opposite of writer’s block. Some of our readers might be great with this, but if we weren’t careful we could have a 12,15, or 20 book series (instead of 10!)

And considering we also have an actual business to run, the idea of more books at this pace – is unthinkable as much as we love it. And that’s the problem.

With Onyx Webb we are not ‘blocked’ – not ever. We have more ideas, more threads, more additions to the web than we could possibly write about. We are constantly having to reign ourselves in and pull back on story ideas that would take many scenes if not books to execute.

No matter how clever we might think an idea is, it becomes the equivalent of a painter throwing too much paint on the canvas. And that’s the challenge with writing.

Sometimes it’s not so much about not being able to get the words out… it’s holding yourself back from too many words that should not be there.

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