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Turn Your Book’s Drawback Into A Positive

A little marketing advice for our writer friends out there.

One thing we learned from marketing our short business fables, like Go for No! is that you must take the perceived weakness and turn it into an asset. In other words, if there is a “drawback” to your work… figure out why that might be good or a pleasant change that would appeal to your audience. (For example, our 80 page fable while short, got raves from sales executives who could read it in one sitting on a flight going to a meeting or conference.)

When we started plotting the Onyx Webb series, erotic romance was hot hot hot. Fifty Shades of Grey got made into a movie and the combinations of lovers in new book series’ was getting, er, very creative.

Enter, Onyx Webb. Wildly tame in comparison. There are no “sex scenes” in our series and while there is some romance, we would never compete with a traditional paranormal romance. OW=ValentinedayWe’ve tried to use that to our advantage making this funny meme for Valentine’s Day. It reads: “Enough erotic romance. Time for a creepy suspense! Ghosts, murder, revenge, perfect for Valentine’s Day!”

So think about your work and never be afraid of what your book is not… showcase what it is and have some fun with it!

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