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Ulrich’s Other Name

Probably like many writers, we’ve had more than one name change as we were developing the series. (Did you read, Onyx’s Other Last Name?)

For the longest time, Ulrich’s first name was Hans. Hans is a pretty common German name that we thought suited him perfectly. However, because we wanted to bring in Onyx’s painting passion, Richard did a ton of research about the world of abstract expressionist art and it’s emergence particularly in the 1930’s when Onyx and Ulrich were in New York. Onyx ends up being accepted to study with Hans Hoffman – a real German-born American abstract expressionist painter who mentored many great artists.

So, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to have two Hans’ in the story so it was back to the list of German names. When we spotted Ulrich, it seemed almost better. And the rest is history!

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