MAJOR SPOILER ALERT… Interested in a synopsis of the episodes? Feel free to read further but understand that you might learn things you don’t want to learn quite yet… or can’t you handle the suspense? Well we can hardly blame you. So wherever you are in the series, enjoy!

About Episode One: The Story Begins

It’s June, 1980 and piano prodigy, Juniper Cole is on the way to her senior prom.  It’s January 2010, and Koda Mulvaney has blown through his 20 million dollar trust fund and is told by his father to return home and go to work. It’s August, 1904 and little Onyx Webb is on her way to the famous World’s Fair in St. Louis with her father, Catfish.  Two of the three will see a ghost, one will become a ghost and everyone will learn that life is hard to let go of even when you’re dead.

About Episode Two: The Girl in the Mirror

We fast-forward to 1927 and Onyx Webb, almost thirty, is desperate to leave Catfish and the Bayou behind to start a real life. Onyx meets Ulrich Schröder which will radically change the course of her life, but in the mean time, gets her out and off on what she thinks is an exciting adventure. In 2010, Orlando Florida, Koda Mulvaney is reeling from seeing the girl in the mirror. It’s a tense time in June 1979 as Quinn Cole’s best friend, Wyatt Scrogger is being questioned about Quinn’s sister, Juniper Cole’s disappearance from her prom at the Mansion on Forsyth in Savannah.

About Episode Three: Lily Dale

After being kicked out of his best friend Koda Mulvaney’s penthouse in Orlando for the time being, Dane Luckner goes home to see his psychic medium parents in Lily Dale, New York.  Through the early 1930’s Onyx and Ulrich’s bad luck continues as they have a disastrous time in Chicago, rebuild in New York and eventually leave for Las Vegas. Katherine Keane, who barely survived Obedience Everhardt’s cellar in 1904 along with Onyx, gets a message from God to go to the Our Lady of the Open Arms Orphanage and might stay for good.

About Episode Four: Our Lady of the Open Arms

Wyatt Scrogger’s trial finally gets underway and the jury learns a piece of information that does not help Wyatt escape conviction. As for Koda, he and Dane meet with psychic medium, Vooubasi to try and contact the girl in the mirror. Onyx and Ulrich try to make a life together in Las Vegas after leaving New York. Declan Mulvaney and Tommy Bilazzo, navigate the complicated life of growing up in the Our Lady of the Open Arms orphanage but luckily, Sister Katherine Keane is on their side.

About Episode Five: Vooubasi

As it turns out, the reading with Vooubasi ends up with bad twist for Koda and he is in more trouble than ever. He blames Dane who finds solace in a relationship with Kres bartender, Robyn. Believer or Not! the show about all things paranormal with hosts Nathaniel Crier and Olympia Fudge will air live from the Mansion on Forsyth in Savannah to try and catch the “ghost piano” playing by itself.  Onyx and Ulrich flee Las Vegas after Ulrich steals money from The Owl (after having an affair with his daughter, Claudia) and wind up in, of all places, The Open Arms Orphanage.

About Episode Six: Killing Father Fanning

Onyx and Ulrich finally leave the orphanage and go to San Francisco where they have the best -and the worst- night they’ve ever spent together. Declan and Tommy flee after Declan loses control over Father Fanning’s abuses. Koda continues to struggle with his emotions after going on a bender in Europe. Once home for the annual Mulvaney 4th of July party, expertly hosted by Mika Flager, the news that Koda learns that night will devastate everyone.


About Episode Seven: Crimson Cove the Open Arms

Onyx and Ulrich finally find peace and quiet in a lighthouse in the cliff side town of Crimson Cove in Oregon. Koda, Koda’s father Bruce, Mika, and Robyn all fly to Lily Dale New York for Dane’s funeral. Koda meets parapsychologist Gerylyn Stoller and learns her story as well as more about the afterlife. Tommy Bilazzo ends up joining the mob after he and Declan split up right after the start of World War II. As fate would have it, they meet again in a mob night club twenty years later.

About Episode Eight: OrlandoLand

Onyx and Ulrich have their ultimate showdown. After picking up with Claudia again, Ulrich attempts to kill Onyx. While he does not succeed, something else does. Declan gets in involved with a waitress named Mary Ann but is forced to abandon her and her son Stan Lee, as his desire to make a fortune on an Orlando land deal is too enticing. Koda hires a private investigator to help him figure out the identity of the girl in the mirror. Paranormal investigation team Cryer and Fudge start digging into the now haunted Open Arms Orphanage.

About Episode Nine: Ghost in the Woods

Declan’s lover Mary Ann discovers she’s pregnant but he’s still off the grid, making his fortune, hiding out from the Chicago mob. The PI hired by Koda digs and discovers who he believes is the girl in the mirror: Juniper Cole.  Onyx makes her transition to her new “life” as ghost and is caught by some kids on camera in the woods.  With the belief she might still be alive , the DA decides to put Onyx on trial for the murder of her husband Ulrich.  Declan returns to Chicago a wealthy man but gets terrible news from Tommy.

About Episode Ten: Trial of the Century

Onyx goes on trial for Ulrich’s murder with Claudia Spilatro as the ‘star’ witness and the tiny town of Crimson Cove is under siege from a frenzied media.  Koda continues his research into the death of Juniper Cole and manages to track down her brother Quinn.  After his mother’s death, Stan Lee Mungehr and his baby brother Bruce are take to the Dunning Asylum near Chicago. Declan finds out about the boys from Tommy Bilazzo and goes to Dunning to rescue them, but unknowingly, leaves Stan Lee behind.

About Episode Eleven: Dr. Pandor’s Box

Stan Lee does his best to survive at Dunning under the care of Dr. Lilith Pandor and her sensory deprivation experiments with help from a new friend named Kara.  Onyx and her father Catfish are finally reunited after he hears about her trial in Crimson Cove from watching the news reels at the movies. While Robyn takes care of her  nephew Mason, spooky things start happening in and around her house. After the debacle at the Open Arms Orphanage, Olympia Fudge continues on a new t.v. show while her ex-co-host Nathaniel tries a new way to earn money.

About Episode Twelve: Mason and the Dark Man

Claudia Spilatro tries to get revenge on Onyx once for all. Later, Onyx and Catfish will spend their  last moments together. Stan Lee is rescued from Dunning and adjusts to life on a farm with his Grandparents, Oma and Opa, until tragedy strikes again changing his life forever. Robyn and Koda reach out to get help from paranormal expert Geralyn Stoller for Robyn’s haunted house. Declan ends up hiring Stormy