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What is our Genre??

7f3cf15d-00cd-4ead-82e0-b0dd7a8e3d69We attended the Speculative Fiction Southeast Conference this past weekend and had an amazing time. Nothing better than writing besides talking about writing and making a living creating stories.

We met so many wonderful authors and Richard even sat in the 3 hour writing class given by Orson Scott Card.

It’s always good when you are able to step back and look at what you doing and re-assess.

After recapping my time in the Contemporary Fiction session for Richard where the class was challenged to come up with a logline – a one-liner that describers what your book is about – I was lost yet again.  We do love a challenge.

But after beating our heads against the wall, we stumbled on the term, multi-genre. You may have heard the term before but for whatever reason, it is the first time we applied it to Onyx Webb.

So we finally came up with – for now – a logline  for Onyx Webb: A multi-genre supernatural soap opera. 

Yes, its not exactly what the book is “about” per se, but I challenge anyone who has read Book One to do any better.  Yes, it’s a mouthful but so is: a paranormal suspense series featuring three inter-weaving story lines featuring characters from three different locations and eras, all of which will eventually be brought together like a spider web with Onyx Webb in the center.

So for now, we go with the new one.

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