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What T.V. Series’ Influence Onyx Webb

We have both read a tremendous number of books over the years from the classics to contemporary. Between Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels for Richard and Oprah book club books like House of Sand and Fog for me, we have plenty of paperback inspiration.

However these days what really influences our writing are all these great t.v. series! The bad news is we probably have not seen some of your favorites – you’ll need to comment. (Nope, not Breaking Bad nor Game of Thrones, please don’t yell at us.) However, these series’ are ones that we love that influence our story telling:

The Bates Motel: We didn’t even see this show until we were done with Book Four. We adore how the town of White Pine Bay in the show, has almost become like a character in the story. We see a similarity with our character Onyx Webb who also lives in a remote town on the Oregon Coast, called Crimson Cove. A fictional town of course, but based on a place we visited near the Haceta Head lighthouse.

Downton Abbey: A big part of Onyx Webb is family drama. It’s partly why we joke we’re writing a supernatural soap opera. There is betrayal, revenge, love and loss around one family in particular- the billionaire Mulvaneys. And so the family drama of Downton Abbey heavily influenced us – not in terms of exact characters or story lines, but just as inspiration. Our story has a lot of mystery around the eldest Mulvaney. It comes down to the theme of: who we are based on where we come from and how that plays out in our lives.

There are so many more (Bloodline, Dexter, Stranger Things, Broadchurch) plus check out my second post (More T.V. Series) for a couple more of our favs.

It has been a great compliment that people say they feel like they are watching an t.v. show while they read… that was our goal!

Okay go ahead, what are we missing? Oh, see post #2 for more!

Thank you for visiting us! Your comments are always read and appreciated. If you have NOT read and reviewed Book One, please go grab your copy today! – AW 

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