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Writers with Our Pants Still On

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Are you a plotter or a pantser?

That’s a question writers get a lot and it means basically… do you plot out your whole story or do you fly by the seat of your pants (hence, pantser.) If you want to learn more about this, visit this great post.

Because Onyx Webb is a long running series we have spent hundreds of hours on organizing the content we need for creating this series.

We’ve created and re-created (with changes) massive wall charts to visually map out the various characters and their stories. Plus it helps us determine how much time we have to tell a particular story. Since Onyx Webb is very much like a real web, there intersecting relationships and a variety of timelines which are critical to get right.


For a year in advance of writing we bullet pointed the stories through all ten books for over 40 characters even the ones who only show up for a while.

Then finally, for a single book we put post it notes all along the wall, breaking down each of the 3 episodes into about 15 scenes and getting clarity on what happens in each scene. Once we have the scenes basically identified in terms of what needs to happen, then the writing begins.

That said we have had enough room that throughout the series we’ve been able to have some serious fun adding new twists, turns, and characters. However, it does then require an entire new plotting session. So for us “pantsers” pushing off the outline is never an option.

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